Emanon Guidelines of Operation

Tee Times and Play

  • Emanon CC is open for current 2022 Members and guest Play.

  • Play is open to all members current in their dues as well as to non-members. *Please Note: no new or past due membership payments will be accepted at the course. All payments must be sent directly to our Treasurer.

  • The Pro Shop attendant will be booking tee times each Wednesday from 9am-2pm for play on Saturday and Sunday of that week. Please call the Pro Shop 570-388-6112.

  • Tee Times will run from 8am until 2pm and will be spaced 10 minutes apart. This 10-minute spacing will be in place until further notice. Current members and non-members may play without tee times after 2 pm, but 10 minutes between groups must be maintained. (Up to 4 players maximum per group with NO EXCEPTIONS.)

  • Tee times will also be required for weekday morning play and will be booked from 9am-12 noon. Please call the Pro Shop @ 570-388-6112.
    Golfers may call beginning Saturday morning to book tee times the following weekdays.

  • Players are asked to arrive no earlier than 20 minutes before their reserved Tee Time to assist us in avoiding congestion in any common areas.

  • ALL PLAYERS MUST TEE OFF ON HOLE #1 at their reserved tee time and may not start out on any other hole.

  • Please replace divots everywhere. No sand buckets or bottles will be available for players to utilize. Grounds Crew will be responsible for filling divots as time allows.

  • AS A REMINDER: ALL ALCOHOL MUST BE PURCHASED FROM THE CLUB at either the Clubhouse or Hot Dog Stand.


  • Absolutely only ONE rider per cart (rental and privately-owned carts). The only exception being that persons living at the same address are permitted to ride together.

  • Walking is permitted, but player must have a pull cart or must carry their own bag.

  • Members who own their own carts are encouraged to use them to avoid any unnecessary exposure to the virus.

  • Emanon Staff will be sanitizing all Club carts between rounds. Club carts will be available for rent.

  • If you are renting a cart, please make every effort to have exact change to avoid unnecessary contact with Staff to make change.

  • Staff will be allowed to ensure access to the property by authorized golfers only. No observers or non-golfers are allowed on the course.

  • Staff will be allowed to ensure enforcement of the health and safety restrictions outlined by the Governor.
    Special attention will be paid to prohibiting grouping in the parking lot and at the first tee.

  • Staff will sanitize on-course bathroom facilities daily.

  • Pro Shop Staff will wear protective gloves and face masks.

  • Staff levels are at a minimum appropriate to facility activity.

Common Use Items/Equipment

  • No tees, ball markers or other common use items will be provided.

  • Score Cards are available from the Pro Shop, but MUST NOT be left on the cart at completion of your round. Dispose of them in a trash receptical or take them with you when you leave.

  • Ball washers and water coolers are not available and/or not to be used.

Social Distancing

  • Whereas masks are no longer required outdoors, social distancing is still recommended at all times and in all places on the course. Maintain a 6ft minimum distance from others at all times.

  • Anyone who feels sick or has a family member who is sick is asked to please stay home.

  • Players are asked to leave upon completion of their round. No Loitering.

  • Handshakes should be eliminated.

  • No balls or equipment should be shared or exchanged.

Pro Shop/Clubhouse/"Hot Dog Stand"

  • Pro Shop will remain closed to in-person retail sales. No equipment may be purchased including balls, tees, gloves, equipment or clothing. Pro Shop is mainly open to schedule tee times, collect cart fees, and to coordinate/oversee groups teeing off.

  • All interaction with Pro Shop Attendant should be through the window adjacent to the first tee. Players must observe social distancing when approaching the Pro Shop window and only 1 player permitted at the window at any given time.

Emanon Country Club's first priority is the safety and well being of our members and staff. The above rules and guidelines are being implemented with the intent of allowing us all to once again play golf in the safest way possible. We know these changes are an inconvenience to all. There may be some modifications to be made in the coming days and perhaps some of these bullet points may be relaxed as the Covid-19 situation changes. Until then, we must insist that ALL players adhere to ALL these rules until further notice.

Please be aware anyone violating these rules may have their golf privileges suspended without any refund. In addition, if there continues to be violations of these rules, Emanon would be forced to suspend golf privileges completely to ALL members. We are sure that will not happen and our membership will support the Club's decision to modify how we operate for the time being. THANK YOU ALL for your support. We greatly appreciate YOU, OUR VALUED MEMBERS.

Play well and stay safe!